About Us

How We Began

Project Welcome Home Troops began in 2006 when several trauma relief trainers from the International Association for Human Values (IAHV) volunteered to give a presentation on stress relief to veterans in Orange County, California.

Soon after, therapist Dr. Shad Meshad at the National Veterans Foundation provided additional training in combat induced PTSD to a group of IAHV instructors, and the Project Welcome Home Troops Stress Relief Workshop was born. Courses soon followed at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and veteran’s hospitals, veteran’s centers and community outreach programs across the country.

Since 1997 IAHV has been providing effective training for stress & trauma relief to disaster survivors, prison inmates and inner city youth.

PWHT Today


The Power Breath Meditation Workshop involves a specific set of unique breathing techniques that can be practiced on one’s own after a few sessions of guidance.


Today there are 20 volunteer faculty members trained to offer the Project Welcome Home Troops workshop (PWHT) and the program is now also reaching out to veteran’s families and care providers.

Research & Press

Project Welcome Home Troops has recently garnered attention for its effective and innovative approach to addressing veteran needs.

  • In 2010, independent researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Waisman Center studied the impact of the breathing techniques taught through Project Welcome Home Troops on PTSD.
  • In the Summer of 2012, an independent documentary film directed by award- winning film maker Phie Ambo titled “Free the Mind” will be released in the United States, showcasing PWHT program and the research supporting its benefits.
  • PWHT has been featured in ABC, CBS, Wisconsin State Journal, the Shambala Sun and others. See the videos to the right or visit our Press page for more.